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Ruby and sapphire crystals

Rare-earth tungstates and molybdates: LnMoO6, A2(WO4)3

A family of oxide-ion conductors on the base of La2Mo2O9 (30.10.09)

Aurivillius phases: (Bi2O2)(An-1BnO3n+1) (n = 1 - 8) (30.10.09)

Hexagonal tungsten bronze and pyrochlore type crystals (30.10.09)

High-temperature superconductors

KTiOPO4-family crystals (30.10.09)

K3Nb3B2O12 family (30.10.09)



Valentina Ivanovna VORONKOVA

Leading Research Associate, Professor, Doctor of Sciences

Born in 1936 in Bychov, Belorussia
Graduated from the Moscow State University, 1960
PhD, Moscow State University, 1970
Doctor of Sciences, Moscow State University, 1995
Professor, 2008

Leading Research Associate, Group of Search and Study of Novel Crystalline Materials, Chair of Polymer and Crystal Physics, Physics Department, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University



Fields of interest:

- Search for new perspective crystals for non-linear optics and other fields of modern physics.

- Relationship between crystal structure, growth mechanisms and physical properties.

- Crystal growth from high-temperature solutions.

- Synthesis and study of nonlinear, ferroelectric, superionic crystals


List of publications (1965-2011)




Contact Information: Faculty of Physics, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Leninskiye gory, 119991 Moscow, Russia.

Phone: 7(495)939-2883; Fax: 7(495)939-2988.