1993-1995 Grant "HTSC single crystals". The program "Universities of Russia".
1996-1998 Grant "Perfect HTSC single crystals of ReBa2Cu3O7-x". The program "Universities of Russia".
1998-1999 Grant "Ferroelectric and superionic crystals". The program "Universities of Russia".
2000-2001 Grant "Ferroelectric and superionic crystals". The program "Universities of Russia".
2004-2005 Grant "Ferroelectrics - superionics". The program "Universities of Russia".
2004-2006 Grant "Oxide ferroelectric crystals with high oxygen conductivity" from RFBR.
2007-2009 Grant "Ferroelectric properties and structure phase transitions of LAMOX family single crystals of oxide conductors" from RFBR



1991-1993 Project 90077 "Contrast" of the State program "High-temperature superconductivity"
1994-1995 Grant MS5000 "Single crystals for scientific researches" from the International Scientific Foundation (Soros Foundation).
1995-1997  Grant "New ferroelectric single crystals" from RFBR.
1996-1998 Grant "Interrelation processes of vortex system with isotropic and anisotropic defects in the single crystals of anisotropic superconductors" from RFBR.
1997-1999 Grant "Vortex phases and their interaction with isotropic and anisotropic pinning centers in the ReBa2Cu3Oy single crystals" from RFBR.
2000-2002 Grant "Ferroelectric and superionic crystals" from RFBR.
2009-2011 Grant "Synthesis, properties and structure peculiarities of ion-conducting crystalline materials" from RFBR.
Fundamental research program PPS RAS "Structure conditionality investigation of conductive properties of perspective crystalline materials"




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