Undergraduate students:

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  2. T.G.Kozinskaya. Growth of dysprosium molybdate crystals and study of some their physical properties. 1976.
  3. G.N.Minaeva. Search for and study of new ferroelectrics with the structure of hexagonal tungsten bronze type. 1977.
  4. I.P.Klimova. Growth of RbNbW2O9 single crystals and their physical properties. 1977.
  5. V.A.Milyutin. Phase transitions in the bismuth tungstate crystals. 1983.
  6. I.A.Rudenkova. Crystal structure and properties of ferroelectric phases in the system Bi2WO6 - Bi4Ti3O12. 1983.
  7. V.N.Golub. The system bismuth tungstate - bismuth molybdate and physical properties of crystalline phases. 1984.
  8. M.A.Krascheninnikova. Growth and physical properties of crystals with the structure of "defect" pyrochlore type. 1984.
  9. E.S.Matyuschenko. Growth of K3AlW8O27 crystals, peculiarities of their structure and physical properties. 1985.
  10. I.V.Vodolazskaya. High-temperature superconductivity poly- and single crystals of YBa2Cu3O7-x and their analogues. 1988.
  11. T.S.Shubentsova. Solid solutions on the base of KTiOPO4 - family compounds: ferroelectric, superionic and optical properties. 1989.
  12. E.P.Kharitonova. New ferroelectric, ferroelastic, superionic crystals of the potassium niobate-borate and their solid solutions. 1999.
  13. T.Yu.Losevskaya. Growth, structure and physical properties of potassium titanyl phosphate crystals doped niobium. 2000.
  14. E.I. Orlova (Agapova).
  15. O.G. Rudnitskaya.
  16. A.E. Krasilnikova.
  17. D.S. Kolesnikova.

Postgraduate students:

  1. I.V.Vodolazskaya. Growth and properties of the RBa2Cu3O7-d, La2-xSrxCuO4-d and R2-xCexCuO4-d type crystals of high-temperature superconductors. PhD dissertation. MSU, 1991.
  2. I.P.Klimova. Synthesis and study on the ferroelectrics with the structure of hexagonal tungsten bronze type. PhD dissertation. MSU, 1993.
  3. Liu Wen. Growth, structure and properties of solid silutions of potassium titanil phosphate (KTiOPO4) family single crystals. PhD dissertation. MSU, 2000.
  4. E.P. Kharitonova. New ferroelectric and superionic crystals with tunnel type structure. PhD dissertation. MSU, 2002.
  5. T.Yu. Losevskaya. Growth, structure and properties of potassium titanil phosphate (KTiOPO4) single crystals, doped with niobium, tantalum and antimony. PhD dissertation. MSU, 2003.
  6. E.I. Orlova (Agapova).
  7. O.G. Rudnitskaya.
  8. A.E. Krasilnikova.
  9. D.S. Kolesnikova.


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