Single crystals of the pure La2Mo2O9


Oxide ion conductors of LAMOX family with parent compound La2Mo2O9 have the conductivity (at 800oC) on the order as yttrium and calcium stabilized ZrO2.

For the first time La2Mo2O9 single crystals were obtained from non-stoichiometric melt in the system La2O3-MoO3 and their polymorphysm, domain structure and temperature dependencies of conductivity and dielectric permittivity were studied in the pure La2Mo2O9 and doped with V, Bi, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Ba, Sb, Mg, Zn, Lu, Tm, Yb, W compounds by calorimetric and electrophysical methods.

A metastable cubic phase bms was revealed in pure La2Mo2O9 at fast cooling, which at heating turns into monoclinic a - phase near 450oC.

The stabilization of bms - phase takes place at room temperature under doping with some dopants including Bi, W and V. Depending on doping level it turns into monoclinic a - phase or in high temperature most conductive cubic b - phase near 450-500oC.


Domain structure of a - phase (low temperature monoclinic)


Sketch of LM phase transformations obtained with single crystals by polarization microscopy



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