Polymer Films

Ultrathin films of block copolymers or its mixture. Phase diagrams.

Planar brushes diblock copolymers or gradient copolymers.

Thin films of block copolymers. Мorphology, orientation of domains. Swelling. Phase behaviour during solvent vapour annealing, influence of interfaces, solvent distribution.

I. Potemkin
Macromol., 2004
Lamellar Orientation in Thin, Supported Diblock Copolymer Films: Strong Segregation Theory
A. Rudov et al.
Macromol., 2013
Structural Changes in Lamellar Diblock Copolymer Thin Films upon Swelling in Nonselective Solvents
A. Rudov et al.
Macromol., 2012
Perpendicular domain orientation in dense planar diblock copolymer brushes
V. Palyulin et al.
J.Chem.Phys., 2007
Microphase separation of double-grafted copolymers with different sequence of the branch points


Associating polyelectrolytes with stickers, liquid crystalline polyelectrolytes and polyelectrolyte micelles.

Ampholyte microgel particles with statistacal, core-shell or Januslike distribution of charged groups. Interaction with proteins.

Interpolyelectrolyte complexes. Overcharging effect.

S. Venev et al.
Macromol., 2010
Direct and Inverse Micelles of Diblock Copolymers with a Polyelectrolyte Block
I. Potemkin et al.
J.Chem.Phys, 1999
Associating polyelectrolytes: Finite size cluster stabilization versus physical gel formation
A. Rudov et al.
To be published
Amphoteric microgels with statistical distribution of charges
N. Oskolkov et al.
Macromol., 2006
Spontaneous Charge Inversion of a Microgel Particle by Complexation with Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolytes

Polymers on surface

Comblike polymers (molecular brushes) adsorbed on a surface. Asymmetric distribution of side chains. Spontaneous curvature of backbone.

Molecular motors. Directed motion along the pattern.

Surface micelles of block copolymers or its mixture.

I. Potemkin et al.
Macroml., 2004
Spontaneous Curvature of Comb-Like Polymers at a Flat Interface
O. Perelstein et al.
Macromol. Rapid Communications, 2007
Block Copolymer Based Molecular Motor
I. Potemkin et al.
Macromol., 2005
Microphase Separation in Ultrathin Films of Diblock Copol. with Variable Stickiness of One of the Blocks
A. Rudov et al.
Soft Matter., 2013
Surface micelles obtained by selective adsorption of AB and AC diblock copolymers

Liquid Crystals

Liquid crystalline polyelectrolytes.

Polymer films of block copolymers with liquid crystalline groups. Smectic and amorphous nanodomain structures.

I. Potemkin, N. Oskolkov et al.
Phys. Rev.E, 2005
Effect of low-molecular-weight salt on the nematic ordering in solutions of rodlike PE
I. Potemkin, A. Bodrova
Macromol., 2009
A Theory of Microphase Separation of DBC with Smectic Liquid Crystalline Groups

Polymer Solutions

Copolymers for efficient stabilization of colloidal particles

Neutral and polyelectrolyte micelles of block copolymers and its mixture.

O. Perelstein et al.
Macromol., 2010
Designed AB Copolymers as Efficient Stabilizers of Colloidal Particles
V. Palyulin et al.
Macromol., 2008
Mixed versus Ordinary Micelles in the Dilute Solution of AB and BC Diblock Copolymers
I. Erel
Macromol. Rapid Communic., 2010
Two Types of Block Copolymer Micelles with Ion-Containing Cores

Ionic liquids

Extra solvent power of IL.

Decrease of the surface tension at the boundary of IL and non-ionic liquids. Formation of clusters of IL in non-ionic liquid.

A. Aerov et al.
J. Phys. Chem. B, 2006
Why Ionic Liquids Can Possess Extra Solvent Power
A. Aerov et al.
J. Phys. Chem. B, 2010
“Amphiphilic” Ionic Liquid in a Mixture of Nonionic Liquids: Theoretical Study
A. Aerov et al.
J. Phys. Chem. B 2009
Swelling of a Microgel with Immobilized Carbon Nanotubes in an Ionic Liquid

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