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I was born in Moscow in 1982. In school times I received musical education (piano class) and finished art school (and oil-painting is still my favorite hobby). Then I entered to the special high  school Moscow State Technical University in 1997 with profound subjects physics and math.

In 1999 I passed exams in Moscow State University, Physics Faculty (The list of general courses could be found here)

Since 2001-2003 I was working in  the laboratory, Chair  “Polymers and   Crystals”, and my research was concerned with swelling behavior of polymer networks, polymer physics, high elasticity an swelling behavior of polymer networks, hydrophobically modified polyelectrolyte gels, type of research-experimental (list courses of the chair “Polymers and crystals” could be found here)

In 2003 I was graduated form MSU, Physics Faculty, Chair “Polymers and crystals”   and my diploma work is named “Synthesis and characterization of polyacrilamide hydrogels with embedded chitosan“.

In 2001 I passed exams and entered to the special program of second business education.

( List of the courses could be  found here)                           

In  summer-autumn 2003 I had an internship in Schlumberger, R&D in the USA, Sugar Land, Texas. My research was connected with fluid formulation, rheology measurement, core flow experiment (type of research-experimental)

Since December 2003 till present time I am an intern in Schlumberger R&D, Moscow, Russia,  working on investigations of new functionalized polymers; rheology measurement.

Starting 2003 to the present time I am working  in non-linear dynamics, “Chaos group”, Physics Faculty, chair “Polymers and Crystals” (type of research theoretical). My research is connected with different economical models; analysis of time series applied to economical systems, using computer modeling. I am working on my master degree now, which should be completed by June, 2005.


(the whole list of all courses could  be found here)