Домой :: Семинар по физике полимеров :: 2001 English version

Семинар по физике полимеров - 2001

331. 5 июня:
S.A. Dubrovskii (Institute of Chemical Physics RAS)
Non-gaussian elasticity of polymacromonomer gels

330. 29 мая:
Professor Kurt Binder, University of Mainz, Germany
"Monte Carlo study of dynamic and static glass transitions in the 10-state Potts glass: A scenario for the structural glass transition?"

329. 22 мая:
Professor N.Fatkullin (Kazan' State University)
"Viscoelastic Properies of Polymer Melts as Effect of Intermolecular Interactions"

328. 12 января:
Dr. A.Likhtman (University of Leeds, UK).
"New results in the theory of dynamics of polymer melts: (Modification of a Tube Model)"