Домой :: Семинар по физике полимеров :: 1997 English version

Семинар по физике полимеров - 1997

280. 29 декабря: A.Semenov (Moscow State University)
Real-Time Studies of Adsorption of Organic Molecules by STM

279. 22 декабря: S.S.Abramchuk (Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University)
The First Order Phase Transition of Two-Dimensional Gas of Rigid Particles in a Narrow Slit

278. 24 ноября: A.E.Chalykh ( Institute of Physical Chemistry, Moscow)
Investigation of Single Macromolecules by Electron Microscopy

277. 3 ноября: I.I.Potemkin, S.V.Panyukov (Physics Department, Moscow State University)
Theory of Microphase Separation in Random Polyblock Copolymers

276. 27 октября: Gerrit ten Brinke (Groningen State University, the Netherlands)
Self-Organizing in Comb Copolymerlike Systems Obtained by Hydrogen Bonding

275. 16 октября: A.E.Likhtman (Physics Department, Moscow State University) Method of Double Depolarized Scattering in Photon Correlation Spectroscopy: Application to Polymer Mixtures and Block Copolymers

274. 2 октября: S.A.Patlazhan (Institute of Chemical Physics, Chernogolovka)
State diagrams of monomer blends and polymer solutions forming thermoreversible gels

273. 16 сентября: 1. V.N.Uversky (Inst. for Protein Research, Pushchino)
Diversity of Compact Forms of Denaturated Proteins
2. D.V.Klinov (Inst. of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow)
Atomic Force Microscopy of Nucleic Acids

272. 20 марта: I.V.Yaminskii (Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University)
Atomic Force Microscopy of Procariotic Cells

Домой :: Семинар по физике полимеров :: 1997 English version