Projects within the research center SFB-985 «Functional Microgels and Microgel Systems»:

-Amphoteric microgels for uptake and release of polyelectrolytes (2012-2016), A3

DFG-RFBR Project:

"Structural changes in thin block copolymer films during solvent vapor treatment" (2011-2013)

Projects within the research center SFB-569 «Hierarchic Structure Formation and Function of Organic-Inorganic Nanosystems»:

- Microheterogeneities in associating polyelectrolytes (2001-2003), I1
- Smart Copolymers Near Surfaces (2004-2007), B13
- Adsorbed Comb-like Copolymers as a Tool for Multifunctional Molecular Devices (2004-2007), C4
- Smart copolymers near patterned substrates: surface-modulated morphologies (2008-2011), B13

BMBF project on Energy Related Nanomaterials (2011-2013)

R.Е. Limberger, PhD, "To the theory of self-organization in polyelectrolyte solutions", 2004.

N.N. Oskolkov, PhD,"Theoretical Investigation of Ordering and Complexation in Solutions of Polyelectrolytes", 2007.

A.A. Aerov, PhD, "Phase equilibria in binary systems comprising ionic liquids: theoretical study", 2008.