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SfP 974173

Colloidal Catalysts for Synthesis of Important Vitamins and Fragrant Substances: New Approach, New Advantages

Project Co-Directors:
S.H. Anastasiadis, IESL, FORTH, Heraklion Crete, Greece (NPD)
L.M. Bronstein, INEOS, Moscow, Russia (PPD)
A.N. Semenov, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK
A.R. Khokhlov, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
E.M. Sulman, Tver Technical University, Tver, Russia
A.T. Kirsanov, OAO "Belgorodvitaminy", Belgorod, Russia
Approval Date: 13 December 1999
Duration: 4 years; expected completion by December 2003

Major Objectives
  • development of innovative, environmentally friendly technologies for the production of vitamins A and C and linalool
  • synthesis of well-defined block copolymers based on PEO-b-PV2(4)P by anionic polymerization and by ATRP
  • formation of metal colloids in block copolymer micelles in aqueous media; elucidation of the basic molecular mechanisms of metal nanoparticles formation in the micelle cores
  • investigation of the influence of catalyst characteristics on the activity, selectivity and stability in the selective hydrogenation of DHL to LN and AG to EG and the selective oxidation of L-sorbose to 2-KGA.

Summary report - May 2002


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