New Generation of Smart Polymers and Polymeric Materials for Biotechnology




September 1, 2001 August 31, 2004




Co-ordinator - Professor Bo Mattiasson





The main goal of this Project is to develop a new generation of smart (intelligent) polymers and polymeric materials for the biotechnological implementation. New, not well so far known, approaches will be used to fabricate smart polymers taking into account the requirements implied by biotechnological use of these polymeric products.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to investigate cryotropic gelation approach as the method to prepare supermacroporous cryogels with thermo- and/or pH-sensitivity,
  • to study the influence of dispersed fillers on the morphology, rheological and swelling characteristics of filled cryogels,
  • to develop the synthetic procedure for polyelectrolyte hydrogels with imbedded voids,
  • to develop the methodology of preparation of the temperature-sensitive hydrogels with balanced hydrophilic/hydrophobic ratio, as well as of the hybrid hydrogels,
  • to investigate thermophysical characteristics and physico-mechanical properties of new gel materials with modern physical methods

The compulsory important part of the Project is the examination of the developed polymeric materials in the biotechnological areas (bioseparation, immobilization, cell culture, drug delivery, etc.) and search for new applications areas.










Six research teams (two from INTAS members, three from Russia and one from Kazakhstan) with complementary expertise will be involved in the project. Different experimental techniques will be used for synthesis and study of new smart polymer and polymeric materials. The experimental studies will be supported by theoretical investigations. 



Professor Bo Mattiasson

Department of Biotechnology,

Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,

Lund University,



Professor Pnina Vardi

Laboratory of Obesity and Diabetes Research,

Felsenstein Medical Research Centre,

Tel-Aviv University, ISRAEL



Vladimir Lozinsky

Laboratory for Cryochemistry of (Bio) Polymers,

Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

Moscow, RUSSIA



Alexei Khokhlov

Chair of Polymer and Crystal Physics,

Physics Department, Moscow State University

Moscow, RUSSIA



Valerii Grinberg


Laboratory for Protein Systems,

Institute of Biochemical Physics

of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

Moscow, RUSSIA


Professor Sarkyt Kudaibergenov

Institute of Polymer Materials and Technology,






V.V. Vasilevskaya, A.R. Khokhlov. Swelling and Collapse of Swiss-Cheese Polyelectrolyte Gels in Salt Solutions. - Macromolecul.Theory Simul. 2002, v. 11, pp. 623-629.