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Experimental and theoretical investigations of nucleation and crystal growth processes

The microcinematographic innvestigations of dislocation growth and the growh morphology of crystals were performed for the first time in 50s by Prof. G.G. Laemlain and his collaborators. From 60s the problem laboratory of crystal growth headed by Prof L.N.Rashkovich has been carried out the systematic search for the new substances and the growth of crystals important in the non - linear and laser optics. This search resulted, in particular, in the discovery of light -generative and non - linear light - modulation properies combined simultaneously in LiNbO :Cr and Ba Na Nb O :Nd crystals [1,2]. Since 80-th intensive research in high-speed growth of KDP crystals has been carried on under the leadership of L.N.Rashkovich in the problem laboratory. The method permits to increase growth rate by 1-2 order and to form crystals with dimensions about a few ten cantimetres without their quality decreasing [3,4]. Scientific group of Drs. V.I.Voronkova and V.K.Yanovskii deals with the crystal growth from high-temperature solutions and with the search for new perspective oxide single crystals: ferroelectrics, superionics, high-temperature superconductors, etc. More than 80 various crystals were grown and their atomic structure, morphology and physical properties were studied. Three new large families of ferroelectrics are found. A new kind of solid state materials in which phenomena of electrical ordering combine with anomalous high ionic electrical conductivity was discovered [5]. The KTiOPO4 crystals are typical representatives of such the materials. The presence of ferroelectric phase transitions, superionic conductivity and high piezoelectricity in these crystals were found for the first time [6]. High quality single crystals of YBa2Cu3O7-x and other oxide superconductors are obtained and investigated [7].


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Home :: History of Research :: Experimental and theoretical investigations of nucleation and crystal growth processes

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