Dmitry O. Kolomytkin

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

* Date and Place of Birth: July 26, 1987; Pushchino, Russia

* Nationality: Russian Federation

* Marital Status: Not married

Present Position:

* Phd. Student, Chair of Polymer and Crystal Physics, Physics Department, Moscow State University

* Phone: 7(917)547-1951

* E-mail:


* Graduated from Moscow State University in 2010

Employment history:

* Phd. Student at Moscow State University, 2010 –


* Finals at U.M.N.I.K. “participant of youth scientific contest contest”

Research interests:

Polymer science, microphase separation in polymer systems, colloids, block copolymers, supercritical CO2, thin films, superhydrophobicity, fuel cells, fuel cells elecrodes.


Oleg V. Kolomytkin, Sharon Dunn, Francis X. Hart, Clifton Frilot, Dmitry Kolomytkin and Andrew A. Marino. Glycoproteins Bound to Ion Channels Mediate

Detection of Electric Fields: A Proposed

Mechanism and Supporting Evidence

. Bioelectromagnetics 28:379-385 (2007)

D. O. Kolomytkin, M. O. Gallyamov, and A. R. Khokhlov. Hydrophobic Properties of Carbon Fabric with Teflon AF 2400

Fluoropolymer Coating Deposited from Solutions

in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

. Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B 5: 1-10 (2011)