Curriculum Vitae of Dr.V.Ivanov.

1. Surname:                  Ivanov

2. First name(s):            Viktor Alexandrovich

3. Date and place of birth:  April 28, 1964, Moscow, Russia

4. Marital status:           Married, four children 

5. Present position:         Associate Professor, 
                             Physics Department, 
                             Moscow State University 

6. Address:             Chair of Physics of Polymers and Crystals, 
                        Physics Department, 
                        Moscow State University, 
                        119992 Moscow, Russia

   E-mail address:
   phone:               007 (095)  939-1013
   Fax:                 007 (095)  939-2988

7. Education:  Graduated from Physics Department of Moscow State 
               University in 1987.

8. Degrees: M.Sc. 1987.  Diploma work  in statistical physics of 
            macromolecules,  Moscow State University, Physics 
            Department, Chair of Low Temperature Physics.

            Ph.D. 1990,  Moscow  State  University. 
            Thesis title: Some questions of the statistical 
            physics of mesophases in the systems of stiff-chain- 
            and amphiphilic macromolecules.

9. Research interests:
            statistical physics of macromolecules, theory and simulation 
            of polymeric liquid crystals, computer simulations of 
            polymer systems, copolymers, stiff-chain macromolecules, 
            conformation-dependent sequence design of AB-copolymers, 
            biopolymers, computer simulation of polymer dynamics.

10. Brief description of professional career:

  - Junior Researcher, Physics Department, Moscow State
    University, 1990-1992; 
  - Junior Lecturer, Physics Department, Moscow State University, 
  - Research Associate, Physics Department, Moscow State University, 
  - Associate Professor, Physics Department, Moscow State University, 

11. PhD Thesis: "Some questions of statistical physics of 
mesophases in the systems of stiff-chain and amphyphylic 
     13.12.1990, Physics Department, Moscow State University.
     The PhD Thesis of Dr.Ivanov is devoted to the theoretical 
study of the following problems: (i) theory of elastic light 
scattering from the isotropic solutions of stiff-chain macromo- 
cules close to the point of liquid-crystalline transition; (ii) 
theory of high elasticity of polymeric networks (with the 
possibility of nematic ordering) consisting of stiff-chain 
subchains with the persistent mechanism of flexibility and the 
theory of elasticity of polymeric fibers; (iii) the theory of 
solutions of long polymer chains in the three-component systems 

12. Research interests:

I started with the computer simulations of polymer systems in 1993. 
I use the coarse-grained models of different polymeric systems, and  
I am interested in the investigation of the global macroscopical 
properties of such systems on large length and time scales
(formation of structures, phase transitions etc.).
Now I am involved in the following projects:
1) Monte Carlo simulations of conformation-dependent sequence
design of AB-copolymers. The idea is to investigate the
influence of primary sequence of A and B monomeric units on
the structural properties of a model copolymer chain. Apart from regular
and random primary sequences also a specially designed ones
are investigated. The basic principles of a new recently proposed
design scheme are as follows. Some particular conformation of
a homopolymer chain is taken (globular conformation, for example,
or a conformation of the chain adsorbed on some surface) and 
the monomeric units are divided in two groups (A and B links) 
depending on the position of each particular monomeric unit 
inside this spatial conformation.
2) Monte Carlo simulations by means of "bond fluctuation
algorithm" of collapse transition in a single polymer chain with 
different degrees of stiffness. This is a part of the joint 
project with the group of Prof.Dr.K.Binder in Mainz (Germany).
The goal is to find out the diagram of state for a single 
semiflexible macromolecule of finite length. Particular interest
is devoted to the formation of toroidal structure.
3) Monte Carlo computer simulation of isotropic-nematic transition in 
solutions of semiflexible macromolecules (statics and kinetics).
This is another part of collaboration with the group of Prof.K.Binder.
4) Computer simulation of adsorption of semiflexible chains and
bottle-brushes (comb-like chains) at surfaces.
5) Computer simulation of charged dendrimers.
6) Computer simulation of complex formation of linear polyelectrolytes 
with amphiphilic molecules at charged patterned surfaces.
7) Computer simulation of complex formations in the systems
of AB-copolymers and colloidal particles. 
8) Computer simulations of simple diffusional models
which mimics some properties of glass transition in real
9) Computer simulation of sol-gel transition.
10) Computer simulation of polymer dynamics.
11) Growth of DLA fractals.

13. Postdoctoral fellowships:
   October 1993 - September 1994 - Max-Planck-Fellowship in the 
group of Prof.Dr.K.Binder, Institut fuer Physik, Universitaet 
Mainz, Germany.

14. Teaching experience:
1) Special course of lectures "Methods of Computer Simulation in 
Statistical Physics and in Polymer Physics";
2) computer exercises for this course of lectures;
3) supervisor of the diploma projects (M.Sc.) of 12 students;
4) supervisor of PhD thesis of 3 PhD students. 

15. Experience in computer science:
   20 years experience with PC (DOS, Windows), 
   10 years experience with UNIX workstations (including system 
   20 year experience in programming in FORTRAN, some experience 
   with C, C++.

16. Languages: 
   Russian (native), English (very good), German (excellent).

17. Grants:
1) grants No.98-03-33337 and No.03-03-32773 of Russian Foundation for 
Basic Research (principal investigator); 
2) grants INTAS No. 97-0678 ans 01-0607 (investigator);
3) grant NATO PST/CLG.974956 (investigator);
4) grant DFG 436RUS (principal investigator from Russian side).

18. International collaborations:
1) K.Binder, W.Paul, M.Mueller (Institute of Physics, University of 
Mainz, Germany);
2) F.Leermakers, G.Fleer (Wageningen University, The Netherlands);
3) A.Yu.Grosberg (University of Minnesota, USA).

19. List of selected publications (papers and chapters in proceedings):
1)  V.A.Ivanov, A.N.Semenov.  Theory of elastic light scattering in
    solutions of semiflexible macromolecules in the region of the
    liquid-crystalline transition.  -
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    English translation: Polymer Science USSR, Vol.30, No.8,
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2)  V.A.Ivanov, A.N.Semenov.  Elasticity and orientational ordering
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    English translation: Polymer Science USSR, Vol.32, No.2,
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3)  V.A.Ivanov, A.N.Semenov. To the problem of nonlinear elasticity
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