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Seminar in Polymer Physics – 2007

345. 26.09.2007, 17:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. S. Kuchanov, K. Tarasevich (MSU)
    Statistical characteristics of polymer networks formed via non-random polymerization. (abstract)
  2. A. Gritsevich (MSU), I. Erukhimovich.
    Statistical theory of the globule-necklace transition under stretch.

344. 22.05.2007, 15:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. A.L. Talis, Institute of Organoelement Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
    Симметрийные закономерности строения упорядоченных тетракоординированных (тетраэдрических) структур и конструкции алгебраической геометрии. (abstract)

343. 13.04.2007, 15:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. Dr. Peter Virnau, Institut of Physics, Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz, Germany.
    Capturing knots in (bio)polymers. (abstract)

342. 27.03.2007, 15:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. Khazanovich I.Ya. (ICP RAS)
    The influence of overstretching of polymer chains on the viscoelasticity of elastomers. (abstract)

341. 27.02.2007, 15:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. C.K. Nechaev (LPTMS, France)
    Exact Asymptotic Results for the Bernoulli Matching Model of Sequence Alignment (abstract)