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Seminar in Polymer Physics – 2006

340. 19.12.2006, 15:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. Erukhimovich I.Ya.
    Present-day digest on experiment and simulation of microphase separation in block-copolymers in thin cylindrical capillaries and phenomenological theory in weak segregation approximation. (abstract)

339. 28.03.2006, 17:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. Oskolkov N.N., Potemkin I.I.
    The charge inversion of microgel particles in the formation of complexes with oppositely charged polyelectrolytes (abstract)

338. 14.03.2006, 17:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. Govorun E.N., Ushakova A.S.
    Globules of macromolecules with amphiphilic units. (abstract)

337. 14.02.2006, 17:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. Erukhimovich I.Ya., Johner A., Joanny J.F.
    Entropy-driven macrophase separation in polymer-colloid solutions. (abstract)

336. 17.01.2006, 17:00, auditorium C-25:

  1. S. Panyukov (Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow), M. Rubinshtein(University Chapel-Hill)
    Looking for ideal chains. (abstract)
  2. M. Tamm (Phys. Dept. MSU, Moscow), S. Nechaev (LPTMS, Orsay & Landau ITP, Moscow)
    Переход «случайно разветвленный кактус» – «ожерелье» в РНК-подобных ассоциирующих диблоксополимерах. (abstract)