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Seminar in Polymer Physics - 1999

314. December 30:
S.S. Sheiko (Lab. of Organic Chemistry/Macromolecular Chemistry, University of Ulm).
Conformational transitions of cylindrical brushes on surfaces

313. December 17:
A. N. Ivanova, L. I. Manevich (Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics).
The fine structure of the spinodal region in polymer blends.

312. November 25:
S. I. Kuchanov, T. S. Zharnikov (Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS, Moscow).
Amplitudes of Scattering for Copolymers obtained by Pseudoliving Polymerization.

311. November 19:
S. G. Skuridin (Institute of Molecular Biology, RAS, Moscow).
Control of the spatial organization of liquid-crystalline dispersions of nucleic acids via biologically significant factors.

310. October 25:
Prof. N. G. Korotkiy (Russian State Medical University)
Physico-Chemical and Medical Aspects of Hair Science

309. October 20: L. V. Nikitin (Moscow State University, Physics Department)
High-Elasticity Magnetic-Field-Controlled Composites

308. September 23: S.I.Kuchanov, A.S.Yakovlev (Institute of Applied Mathematics, RAS, Moscow)
The Role of Physical Factors in the Radical Copolymerization Processes

307. July 7: Y. Lyubchenko (Arizona State University)
Scanning Probe Microscopy of DNA

306. June 18: A. Yu. Grosberg
Broken Ergodicity and Other Geometrical Properties of Toy Proteins

305. June 1: N.K.Balabaev, O.B.Gendelman, L.I.Manevich (Institute of Chemical Physics,RAS, Moscow)
Supersonic vacancies in crystal polyethylene

304. May 6: V.I.Volkov (Institute of Crystalography, RAS, Moscow)
Selective ionic and molecular transport in ionic-exchange membranes according to NMR data

303. April 26: K.G.Kornev (Institute of Problems of Mechanics, RAS, Moscow)
Foams in porous media

302. April 16: Yu.Ya.Gotlib (IVS, St. Petersburg)
The low-frequency relaxation in polymer networks with hydrodynamic interactions

301. March 29: B.N.Klyushnik (Tver' State University)
How much Shannon information can be stored in the polymer network? Towards the theory of the sol-gel transition.

300. February 23: G.G.Malenkov (Institute of Physical Chemistry, RAS)
Structure and Dynamics of Systems with Hydrogen Bonds

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