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Seminar in Polymer Physics - 1998

299. December 15: I.P.Borodin, T.N.Khazanovich (Semenov Inst. of Chemical Physics RAS)
Space Coarse-Graining for the Polymer Dynamics in Solutions

298. December 10: K.V.Shaitan (Department of Biology, Moscow State University)
Dynamic Properties of Dipeptides

297. November 23: A.L.Borovinsky, A.R.Khokhlov (Physics Department, Moscow State University)
Comicellization in the Mixture of Two Diblock Copolymers with Different Block Lengths

296. November 3: H.Tenhu (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Responsive Polymer Gels and Latexes

295. October 26: N.L.Levshin, V.B.Zaitzev, S.A.Pestova, G.S.Plotnikov (Physics Department, Moscow State University)
The Ferroelectric Phase Transition Effect on Adsorption and Optical Properties in Langmuir-Blodgett Films

294. October 16: H.Dautzenberg (Max-Planck-Institute for Colloid and Interface Research, Teltow, Germany)
Complex Formation between Polyelectrolytes with Strong Ionic Groups"

293. September 28: E.V.Prostomolotova, I.Ya.Erukhimovich (Physics Department, Moscow State University)
A New Approach to the Theory of Spinodal Decomposition

292. September 7: A.Yu.Grosberg (Boston - Moscow)
Kinetics of coil-globule transition in homo- and heteropolymers

291. July 7: J.-F. Joanny (University of Strasbourg, France)
Polyelectrolyte Adsorption: Charge Inversion and Multilayer Formation

290. July 6: M. Shibayama (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)
Static Inhomogeneities and Dynamic Fluctuations in Polymer Gels: Comparison of the Experimental and Theoretical Structure Factors of Temperature Sensitive Polymer Gels

289. May 25: V.I.Losinsky (Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds RAS, Moscow)
Cryochemistry of Polymeric Systems

288. May 19: Jeff Chen (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Formation of Helix Structures at Low Temperatures in Wormlike Polymer Chains

287. May 14: W.Paul (Institute of Physics, University of Mainz, Germany)
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Glass Transition in a Bead-Spring Model Polymer Melt

286. April 22: J.P.Rabe (Department of Physics, Humboldt University of Berlin)
Interfacing Molecules and Electronics

285. April 10: S.Stepanov (University of Halle, Germany)
Localization-Delocalization Transition of Random Copolymers at Interfaces

284. April 9: E.N.Sobol' (Research Center for Technological Lasers RAS, Troitsk)
Phase Transformations and Structure Alteration in Biopolymers under Laser Radiation

283. April 8: S.Stepanov (University of Halle, Germany)
Critical Behaviour of Interface Depinning in Disordered Media

282. February 5: M.O.Galyamov, O.I.Kiselyova (Physics Department, Moscow State University)
Scanning Probe Microscopy of Biopolymers: Nucleic Acids, Proteins and Membrane-Protein Complexes

281. January 22: E.N.Govorun (Physics Department, Moscow State University)
Stabilization of Polymer Blend Structure by Diblock-Copolymers. Particle Growing in the Course of Phase Separation

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