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ERUKHIMOVICH, Igor Yakovlevich
Leading Research Associate (INEOS)
(up to 2022)
Born in 1947 in Nikolaev, Ukraine
Graduated from the Kharkov State University, 1969
PhD, Physico-Technical Institute for Low Temperatures of Ukranian Academy of Sciences, Kharkov, Ukraine, 1979
Doctor of Sciences, Institute for Chemical Physics, Moscow, 1994
Full Professor, 2001
Passed all nine exams of the "theoretical minimum" organized by Professor L.D. Landau, 1970
Phone: 7(495)939-2959, 7(499)135-8035
Fax: 7(495)939-2988
E-mail: ierukhs@polly.phys.msu.ru
Type of Research: theory
Research Interests:
Polymer physics, statistical physics of macromolecules, microphase separation and other essentially fluctuational effects in polymer systems, networks and other disordered media, dynamics of concentrated polymer solutions and melts.
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