Physics department Title

1) Please send us files with your presentations (PDF or PowerPoint-2003 format are preferred) per e-mail before the beginning of the workshop if you can do this (i.e. if the file is not too large for e-mail systems, and if it is only one file and not a set of many etc.). This is not an obligatory request but this will help us to avoid technical difficulties during the workshop.

2) Place of the conference has been changed from the lecture hall V-3 to the lecture hall V-2 in the First Academic Building of MSU on New Territories (it is marked on the map of MSU campus on the web-site). This should not cause any problems because these two halls are just next to each other.

3) Registration on Monday, May 31, will be in the room 2-28 in the building of the Faculty of Physics from 12:00 till 19:00, and from 19:00 till 22:00 it will be in the dining-room of the First Academic Building of MSU on New Territories where the come-together party will take place. On Tuesday, June 1, the registration will be directly in front of the lecture hall V-2.

4) Scientific programme has been changed - new version is available on the web-site (changes are marked with yellow background for your convenience).

5) We will open Internet access (wifi) in front of the conference hall.

6) For participants from abroad Russia here is additional information about the money exchange - we would recommend you to bring at least 300-400 euro with you in cash because of the following considerations:

- conference fee 200 euro should be paid in cash, it includes all lunches and conference dinner
- in the hotel Universitetskaya you can pay with standard credit cards; the price is 3400 rub. per night, i.e. about 90 euro; those who stay in the hotel in the main building can only pay in cash; the price is lower - about 40 euro per night;
- for one dinner in the evening you should calculate not less than 15-20 euro
- culture programme, which will be suggested to participants, will cost from about 50 to about 250 euro (depending on the choice of activities)
- you can definitely get money in Moscow from your credit cards (or even from Maestro-system cards somewhere), but this is in the case if the cards are not blocked (unfortunately, this happens sometimes everywhere in the world).

Once more about the emergency phone numbers:

these are the mobile phones of

Viktor Ivanov +7-916-5410053 and
Julia Martemyanova +7-926-5710011.

Please do not hesitate to write us any questions.