Physics department Title

1) You will be picked up in the airport - please look for a person with the plate "Workshop - Theory and Computer Simulation of Polymers". This person will provide you with the train and metro tickets, so that you will be able to reach the metro station "Universitet" ("University") without any problems (hopefully). From this metro station another (or the same person) will help you to reach your hotel.
2) If you miss this person - please follow the instructions on this site under General Informaion about Accomodation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us questions.
5) Emergency phone numbers are the mobile phones of Viktor Ivanov and Julia Martemyanova available under Organizing Committee - Contact Information.
6) Some practical information about the money exchange:
6.1) We are not sure whether it is possible to buy roubles abroad Russia, but we are sure that this has no sense to do;
6.2) in Moscow in the airport only a small amount of foreign currency should be changed in roubles, and only in the case if you miss the person picking you up, in order to reach the hotel yourself (about 500 - 1000 roubles will be enough for first things, 3000 rub. will be more than enough);
6.3) there are many exchange possiblities around MSU, and in the hotel Universitetskaya as well (but the exchange rate in the hotel may be not the best one) so that it will be possible to meet a decision about the amount after registration, and we will definitely help all the participants to exchange the money;
7) Conference fee can be paid in USD, Euro, roubles.
8) You will be informed about the place of the registration and come-together party (on Monday in the evening) after your arrival and check-in in the hotel.
9) The place of the conference has been changed to the so-called First Academic Building of MSU on New Territories (it will be marked on the map of MSU campus on the web-site). We will use there the lecture hall V-3 (written in Russian it looks like B-3, but is pronounced [ve-tri].